About the Questionnaires

This page contains important information about draft copies of the pre-election and post-election questionnaires for the ANES 2016 Time Series Survey. 

The ANES is providing advance drafts of the 2016 time series questionnaires to members of the research community through this competition so that scholars can plan analyses in advance of the data release. To preserve the study's scientific integrity, it is important to limit public access to the survey instrument during the data collection phase (i.e., September-December 2016).

To that end, you must agree to the following terms before accessing the questionnaires:

  • I agree that I will only share content from the 2016 ANES questionnaires with members of my research team for the purpose of participating in the Election Research Preacceptance Competition.

  • I agree that neither I nor any member of my research team will post ANES questionnaire content on any publicly available website before December 31, 2016. 

If you do not agree to act in accordance with these requirements, do not download the questionnaires. 

However, if you agree to the requirements listed above, you may access the questionnaires.


To access the questionnaires, begin a registration at  https://osf.io/login/?campaign=erpc  and then visit the appropriate link on the welcome page. 


**A note from the ANES PIs on the contents of these draft questionnaires (sent on 8/5/2016):

Any researcher who is interested in reviewing the advance questionnaires for reasons other than participating in the ERPC may simply email a request to ANES (anes@electionstudies.org). ANES will send the draft questionnaires to anyone who has a legitimate research interest.

Please note that this version of the pre-election questionnaire is 99.9% final. Barring a misprint or some critical last-minute change, this version should not be materially different than what is released with the data next spring. The post-election questionnaire is perhaps 95%+ final. It will go through pre-testing in the late summer and early fall; some technical/administrative changes are likely. It is also possible that some questions could be cut from the post-election questionnaire for time reasons. Similarly, last-minute additions could occur in response to major developments in the country or campaigns, though the threshold for any such new items is incredibly high at this point.

© 2016 by Arthur Lupia and Brendan Nyhan.

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